The Canal Saint-Martin: A Photo Essay

The Canal Saint-Martin is one of my favourite areas in Paris. And while I’ve written about it in passing before, I thought I’d share some of the photos and coveted spots I’ve collected over the years. Keep scrolling to discover this gem!

The Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

Made up of a body of water that ties the Canal de l’Ourcq and the Seine together, the 10ème’s Canal Saint-Martin is quickly becoming Paris’ new Marais. Its large diversity of inhabitants, which range from young professionals to families, have contributed in the area’s recent gentrification and boboïsation (hipsterfication).

The Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

The Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

If you’re an Amélie fan, you’ll recognize the canal from the scene where she skips her stones into the water.

The Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

And if you happen to be in the area on a sunny day, be sure to begin at the canal’s banks and nearby park, Jardin Villemin, which are both perfect for impromptu picnics and taking sun.

The Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

Street art fans, there are also plenty of colourful murals and quirky stencils on the many small streets that line the canal.

The Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

Next, visit the Marché Saint-Martin, one of the lesser known covered markets in Paris where the neighbourhood’s residents buy their produce. This one dates back to 1859!

The Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

Then, satisfy your sweet tooth by heading to Liberté to buy a baguette or madeleines alongside the locals or to Du Pain et des Idées where tourists come to snap photos of their escargot pastries. While most tourist eateries in Paris aren’t worth the hype, I can confirm that this one is!

The Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

Holybelly is a must for brunch lovers (read all about it here), while Ten Belles serves up lunch and an excellent cup of coffee. Flesh, a Pigalle favourite that recently settled near the canal, delivers an American-style BBQ menu complete with beef short ribs, black Angus beef, and more. End the evening at Le Comptoir Général, a quaint bar hidden in a discrete impasse just off of the canal.

The Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

This area is great for shopping too. Artazart bookshop is a gem worth uncovering. At Pop Market, Bazartherapy, and Antoine & Lili, you’ll find everything from clothes, to paper goods, and kitchenware.

The Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

What do you love most about the Canal Saint-Martin? Let me know below!


  • Nikki Vella says:

    Paris is always a good idea, and like you I like strolling around the city (usually aimlessly)! I’ll keep Canal Saint MArtin in mind upon my next visit as I admit I haven’t been to this area (yet :p). 🙂

    • Coveted Places says:

      Strolling through Paris is my favourite thing to do (besides eating :P)! You should visit next time for sure!

  • Megan Jerrard says:

    Looks like a beautiful spot for a picnic, especially with the markets close by. Love the proximity to street art and eateries too – what a beautiful area of Paris. Thanks for the tip! Will include it in our itinerary when we stay 🙂

  • Natasha says:

    These are stunning photographs of Canal Saint Martin and the surrounding area. I absolutely want to visit now I have seen these. Beautifully caputred

  • Beautiful post! We loved strolling along the Canal Saint-Martin when we lived in Paris. It’s a bit less touristy than along the Seine. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

  • Jen Joslin says:

    Beautiful photos! Canal Saint-Martin looks amazing, and I do recognize it from Amélie 🙂 I would love to stroll along there, buy some fruit and stop in at a bakery, maybe some wine, then go for a relaxing picnic!

    • Coveted Places says:

      Thank you 😀 Yes, a picnic by the canal with a bottle of wine is the perfect activity in this neighbourhood!

  • Donna Meyer says:

    I’ve been to Paris twice in the last three years and still have yet to get to the Canal Saint-Martin. Next trip for sure! Your photos make it look like an absolute must-see.

  • Drew says:

    Ah, Paris. Hard to not fall in love with that city. There are so many funky neighbors, especially outside of the typical tourist path. I have yet to visit Canal St-Martin, but what a cool looking area. Looks like a nice place to sip on a glass of wine and have a few French pastries or two on a beautiful Parisian afternoon!

  • Rob says:

    We were in France last year but due to previous commitments we were unable to see Paris other than just driving through. We plan to go back next year and we will definitely be checking out Canal Saint Martin it looks like a great area to explore. Forgive my ignorance but why would tourists want photos of escargots at Du Pain et des Idées? Is there something special about their escargos?

    • Coveted Places says:

      Du Pain et des Idées is famous for their escargot pastries and most visitors come to snap photos of them – you’ll find them on Instagram for sure 🙂

  • Jenna says:

    Such a cute neighborhood! I love the street art, the colorful buildings and the canals. Looks like a perfect place to go for an afternoon stroll. Would love to check out the market too–we always love seeing the local markets in action. Will have to wander through this are when we are in Paris next–thanks!

  • This looks like the best place for a quick weekend break from work! The nature and the accessibility to everything you need for a weekend getaway. Are there a lot of people?

    • Coveted Places says:

      Definitely a break from Paris’ hustle and bustle 😀 There are lots of people in summer and on the weekend!

  • Beautiful photos of one of the (many) places on my bucket list! I’ve saved this to my travel board on Pinterest for when that time comes 🙂

  • Definitely dreaming of France now, beautiful shots!

  • Luisa says:

    This is so pretty, it reminds of when I was there for a very short break!!!!

  • Mica says:

    This is a beautiful spot! Would be a nice way to spend the day too. I’ve never been anywhere in Paris, I’d really like to visit it one day!

    Thank you for sharing your guide!

  • Umberta says:

    Canal Saint Martin is a very nice place! I love too the brunch @ Holybelly!! 🙂

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