Coveted People: Wilfrid aka L’amour Court Les Rues

This post is part of a series called “Coveted People,” which features conversations with awesome people following their passions in cities around the world!

If you’ve strolled through Montmartre, chances are you’ve come across the slogan, L’amour Court Les Rues (translation: Love Runs Through the Streets). Or maybe, you’ve spotted it on my Instagram. In 2014, Wilfrid, the man behind the popular slogan and a fashion photographer/magazine editor turned street artist, hit the streets to spread his message of love (more on that story below). Wilfrid takes a minute to chat about his work and his go-to spots in Paris, all while proving that love is not dead.

Photos courtesy of Wilfrid, L'amour Court Les Rues

1. Why L’amour Court Les Rues and how did your journey begin? What’s the story behind it?
I was on my way home one night from a bar in Montmartre with my girlfriend at the time and as we were walking, she spotted L’amour est Mort (Love is Dead) on a wall. I instantly took my marker out (I always have it on hand) and wrote L’amour Court Les Rues on that same wall for the very first time. Today, I’m overwhelmed that my message touches so many people. I tag in broad daylight and people always come and thank me.

Photos courtesy of Wilfrid, L'amour Court Les Rues

2. What do you want your art to reflect or mean to people that see it?
Art or not, my slogan, L’amour Court Les Rues, evokes a positive message! It has become a huge – and fashionable – phenomenon. It’s been three years since I started it and lots of artists try to copy me by coming up with slogans about love. It makes me smile. My goal is just that – to make people smile and give them a little bit of hope when they start their day.

Photos courtesy of Wilfrid, L'amour Court Les Rues

3. Along with Montmartre, your home, where else can we find your work?
A little bit of everywhere in Paris – mostly because I walk 10 to 15 km each day and always have my Posca and Molotow markers on hand. You can spot my work in Montmartre, Belleville, Beaubourg, and in the Marais. My thing is tagging bulky items I find on the street – and it doesn’t take long for people to swoop them up. It’s an eco-friendly way to recycle everything that’s thrown onto the streets *smiles* and my fans love it. Once, an abandoned mattresses I tagged was cut up, and now, my slogan is framed in someone’s home.

Photos courtesy of Wilfrid, L'amour Court Les Rues

4. Not only do you expose your work on the street, but you also hold vernissages, sell your works, and participate in special collabs. Any future projects coming up?
Up until now, I’ve mostly held exhibitions and vernissages in bars. Several restaurants and establishments have even asked me to tag their walls directly. It’s crazy – I once even had a special request to write L’amour Court Les Rues inside someone’s house! Today, I’m collaborating with a few galleries…to be continued.

Photos courtesy of Wilfrid, L'amour Court Les Rues

5. Your top 5 “Coveted Places” in Paris?
1. La Pignatta, my go-to for pizza
2. La Cave des Abbesses for a cheese platter and wine at a great price
3. Chez Ammad, my go-to bistro in Montmartre
4. Maquis-Art in Beaubourg is the best place to buy tagging gear at
5. Rue Dénoyez in Belleville, a legal graffiti wall


Visit L’amour Court Les Rues’ website for more and follow Wilfrid on Facebook & Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Wilfrid, L’amour Court Les Rues


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