Top 5 Unique Cocktail Bars in South Pigalle, Paris

It’s starting to get cold out – and what better way to ease into the holiday spirit than by catching up with loved ones, cocktail in hand? Looking to keep warm this winter, all while scoping out one of Paris’ hippest neighbourhoods? Head to the Rive Droite and discover these five unique cocktail bars in South Pigalle (aka SoPi):

Photo courtesy of Glass / by Guillaume Belvèze, Cocktail Bars in South Pigalle, Paris

Photo courtesy of Glass / by Guillaume Belvèze

1. Glass
Adorned with hot pink neon lights, Glass effortlessly fits into the raunchy meets bobo SoPi quarter. Brought to us by the people behind faves like Hero and Candelaria, here is where expertly crafted cocktails reign. Complete with DJ sets, live music, and small bites to complement your drink, cocktails range from Ticket de Metro (Olmeca Altos blanco tequila-based), to Tu M’excites (chamomile-infused Beefeater gin), and All Night Long (cacao bean-infused Jameson whiskey), among other one of a kind, eyebrow-raising creations!

Photo courtesy of Chez Bouboule, Cocktail Bars in South Pigalle, Paris

Photo courtesy of Chez Bouboule

2. Chez Bouboule
Complete with a large pétanque court that takes up a substantial portion of the bar, Chez Bouboule is a local favourite among friends that come to mingle and spend the evening playing the old French sport, while curious onlookers watch from outside. Go for a glass of wine, a beer, or cocktails that range from simple Mojitos to elaborate drinks like the Bouboule Special (Lillet Rosé, grapefruit, fresh mint, lime, and brown sugar).

Photo courtesy of Dirty Dick, Cocktail Bars in South Pigalle, Paris

Photo courtesy of Dirty Dick

3. Dirty Dick
You read right. With a name that belonged to the former establishment (which the owners decided to keep) from when the area was in its Red Light District heyday, this joint is a SoPi staple. Go for the kitsch, Tiki bar decor, stay for their variety of 50 rums and cocktails served in totem heads. From punch bowls to classics like the Mai Tai and the Zombie, Dirty Dick has something for everyone.

Photo courtesy of Sparks, Cocktail Bars in South Pigalle, Paris

Photo courtesy of Sparks

4. Sparks
Nestled on rue Gerando, just off of rue de Dunkerque, Sparks is a quaint cocktail bar with a Belle Epoque look and a twist on Italian classics. Along with a traditional Spritz, my go-tos are the Bellini and the Rossini (usually, simply peach or strawberry purée and Prosecco, but here, they add a splash of gin to the former and a hint of vodka to the latter!). Be sure to snag a coveted seat on their outdoor sidewalk terrace come summer and order a side of Italian bite-size snacks.

Photo courtesy of Big Mamma Group / by Joann Pai, Cocktail Bars in South Pigalle, Paris

Photo courtesy of Big Mamma Group / by Joann Pai

5. No Entry
Better known as the secret, Prohibition-style speakeasy located in the basement of Pink Mamma, No Entry is the latest addition to the Big Mamma Group. Their establishments quickly gained notoriety due to their insanely long queues, but here, simply give your name to the hostess and wait for your table in a stylish, moody setting while sipping on an Italian cocktail. On my visit, I opt for the Emilia Romagna – a concoction that looks like it came straight out of a chemist’s lab – made with Lambrusco, strawberry and raspberry syrups, and balsamic vinegar from Modena, among other yummy ingredients.

Have you been to these unique cocktail bars in South Pigalle? Did I miss your favourite? Let me know below!


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