24 Hours in Toronto: Where to Brunch & Dine

Visiting a major city in one day is ambitious – especially if you’re interested in scouting out the food scene. With only 24 hours in Toronto at my disposal, brunch and dinner were at the top of my list. Luckily, the two I tried were a hit. Wondering where to brunch and dine in Toronto? If you only have one day, be sure to visit these two hotspots.

Saving Grace, 24 Hours in Toronto

Saving Grace

Saving Grace
Torontonians in the know head to Saving Grace for weekend brunch. Nestled on Dundas Street West, this small, quaint eatery may not seem like much from the outside, but its perpetual line-up suggests otherwise. With only a handful of seats dispersed against a minimalist backdrop, waiting in line is unavoidable here (but so worth it). Once inside, I ordered their French toast with caramelized bananas, while my travel companion (hi mom!) opted for carrot cake waffles topped with honey cream cheese. The caramelized bananas, fluffy toast, and maple syrup blended perfectly together, while the honey cream cheese drizzled on top of the waffles was quite an interesting twist. Both were copious in size, setting off an impending food coma – no regrets! If you’re in the mood for a savoury dish, they also serve eggs (poached, scrambled, pan fried), breakfast sausage, bacon, and roasted potatoes, along with unique salad and sandwich combinations.

Photo courtesy of Gusto 101, 24 Hours in Toronto

Photo courtesy of Gusto 101

Gusto 101
For dinner – or happy hour – make your way to Gusto 101. This Portland Street favourite boasts delicious Italian fare in a trendy setting. On my visit, I sampled their Tuscan Fries with sea salt, garlic aioli, the Margherita pizza, and the star of the night, their Agnolotti di Zucca. These butternut squash agnolotti were accompanied by a brown butter, sage, Parmigiano, and pumpkin seed sauce. It was definitely a ten out of ten! The Margherita pizza was simple and well-executed – as it should be, while their Tuscan fries were well-seasoned and the perfect starter. All of this was accompanied by Gusto’s in-house wine on tap. At $1 per ounce, I sampled their fruity and refreshing Gusto Bianco (Pinot Grigio).

What’s your favourite way to spend 24 hours in Toronto? Let me know below!

Opening photo courtesy of Gusto 101


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