Top 10 Coffee Shops in Paris

Whether you’re gearing up for sweater weather or looking forward to iced lattes on a sunny terrace, anytime is the perfect time for a good coffee. Gone are the days when Paris’ coffee scene involved a watery cup from the local brasserie. With influences from Australia, other parts of Europe, and the rest of the world, serving an expertly crafted (aka not filtered) brew has become the norm in modern cafes. Wondering where you can get your own steaming cup while visiting the City of Light? Here’s my list of the top 10 coffee shops in Paris.

Café Kitsuné, Top 10 Coffee Shops in Paris

Photo courtesy of Café Kitsuné

1. Café Kitsuné
Doubling as a cafe and a clothing store, Kitsuné is Japanese for fox. With several coveted locations across Paris, the most scenic being their Palais Royal locale in the 1st arrondissement, La Maison Kitsuné’s fashion brand and cafe have swayed fashionistas from around the globe thanks to their delicious Matcha lattes that have invaded Instagram feeds – especially during fashion week.

Cuillier, Top 10 Coffee Shops in Paris

Photo courtesy of Cuillier

2. Cuillier
Nestled in Montmartre near Abbesses, Cuillier is a charming coffee shop that is mostly frequented by the locals. Whether you opt for a coffee made with beans that come from Ethiopia, Guatemala, and more, tea from Dammann Frères, or one of their wonderful cakes, there’s something for everyone here. It’s the perfect spot to meet a friend, work on your laptop, or take a sightseeing break before heading to the Sacré-Coeur. Left Bank dwellers, Cuillier’s newest location just opened in the 7th arrondissement.

Fondation Café, Top 10 Coffee Shops in Paris

Photo courtesy of Fondation Café

3. Fondation Café
Known for their pastel green coffee cups that have taken over Instagram, Fondation Café is where those in the know start their day. Opened by Australian barista Chris Nielsen (previously at Ten Belles) in the 3rd arrondissement, this tiny, quaint spot is filled with regulars mingling over a well-crafted latte complete with a Kees Van Der Westen ‘Spirit’ machine in the backdrop. Those who wish to stay a little longer can be found lingering on the cafe’s outdoor terrace.

La Caféothèque, Photo by Puxan BC, Top 10 Coffee Shops in Paris

Photo courtesy of La Caféothèque / by Puxan BC

4. La Caféothèque
Brewing coffee with beans that come from places that range from Africa to South America, coffee enthusiast Gloria Montenegro and her team take the beverage very seriously – they even have a school. Being one of the first to take Paris’ coffee scene to a new level over a decade ago, La Caféothèque boasts a unique selection of roasted on the spot beans that stem from a variety of different countries.

Coutume Café, Top 10 Coffee Shops in Paris

Photo courtesy of Coutume Café

5. Coutume Café
Opened by an Australian and French duo, coffee is an art – or rather, a science – at Coutume Café. With its sleek, white interior and laboratory-like details, this cafe roasts only the best seasonal beans that come from each continent of the world. Located steps away from the Bon Marché, come for the coffee and stay for the food – another delight!

Soul Kitchen Top 10 Coffee Shops in Paris

Photo courtesy of Soul Kitchen

6. Soul Kitchen
This Californian-inspired cafe doubles as a healthy food spot serving a daily menu, along with delicious desserts, tea from Le Palais des Thés, and of course, great coffee (provided by Coutume Café). With its quirky interior and mismatched cutlery, Soul Kitchen is the perfect spot for a coffee break after climbing the steep streets of Montmartre.

KB Cafeshop, Top 10 Coffee Shops in Paris

Photo courtesy of KB Cafeshop

7. KB Cafeshop
KB Cafeshop is great for people watching on the corner of Avenue Trudaine and la rue des Martyrs. The Australian-inspired cafe serves up coffee from Belleville Brûlerie, as well as coffee beans from other parts of the world. Take a seat on their outdoor patio with a piping hot – or iced – latte and be sure to choose your seat wisely as from certain angles, you can catch glimpses of the Sacré-Coeur peaking through the Parisian rooftops!

Belleville Brûlerie, Top 10 Coffee Shops in Paris

Photo courtesy of Belleville Brûlerie

8. Belleville Brûlerie
If you’ve had your fair share of coffee in Paris, then chances are you’ve come across Belleville Brûlerie as it supplies its beans to a host of restaurants and cafes, such as Holybelly, Cream, and several shops on this list. Despite that, this cafe remains a favourite, as it hails from the makers of Ten Belles on the Canal Saint Martin.

Photo courtesy of Ob-La-Di

Photo courtesy of Ob-La-Di

9. Ob-La-Di
Yup, you recognized it. Named after the popular Beatles song, this cafe in the Haut Marais is known for making a killer avocado toast, but it also makes a mean latte. The perfect weekend hangout due in part to its quirky decor and homemade eats, Ob-La-Di serves up an on point coffee with beans from Café Lomi (another gem).

Shakespeare & Company Cafe, Top 10 Coffee Shops in Paris

Photo courtesy of Shakespeare & Company

10. Shakespeare & Company Café
You may have heard by now that Paris’ favourite English-language bookstore opened a cafe right next door. At just under a year old, the Shakespeare & Company Café needs no introduction. Their lovely outdoor terrace offers a spectacular view of the Notre Dame Cathedral and they serve coffee from Café Lomi as well as baked goods from Bob’s Bake Shop. So grab your favourite book and enjoy the City of Light – after all, reading (or writing) and sipping coffee go hand in hand.

What’s your favourite coffee shop in Paris? Let me know in the comments below!


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